What is a UTR Number?

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What is a UTR Number?

PLEASE READ FIRST: We are a firm of Chartered Accountants who provide accounting and taxation services to small businesses in the UK. We are not HMRC and cannot provide you with your UTR number over the telephone. Please follow the information below for guidance on how your can get your UTR from HMRC. Alternatively, Click Here if you would like to enquire about our Self-Assessment Taxation Services.

The term “UTR Number” stands for “Unique Taxpayer Reference”. It is a 10 digit number which is unique to the Taxpayer, whether they be an individual, partnership or company. The UTR number is issued to the taxpayer by HMRC when they register for, or are required to submit a tax return. The UTR number is sometimes referred to as the “Tax Reference”.

There are various reasons why an individual may need to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return, such as registering as self-employed, receiving income from property, investments or savings, receiving foreign income etc.

Where can I find my UTR number?

The fastest method for finding your UTR number is by logging in to the HMRC online services area (if you have registered for it). It can be found here. Your UTR number will appear when you access your self-assessment or corporation tax area.

If you are an individual and have been issued with a UTR number you can find it on any of the following documents that are sent to you by HMRC:

  • Self-Assessment Tax Return (SA100)
  • Notice to complete a Tax Return (SA316)
  • Statement of Account

The Partnership UTR number can be found on the Partnership Tax Return.

The Company UTR can be found on the Notice to deliver a company Tax Return (form CT603).

Why is the UTR number important?

The UTR number is important as it is required to be entered onto your tax return when submitting online to HMRC. Online submissions of tax returns without a UTR reference will fail. If you cannot find your UTR reference you should contact HMRC, giving your National Insurance reference, who will be able to supply you with your UTR.